Our founder, Pierre Péladeau, believed that when life has been good to you, it is important to give something back.This principle is an integral part of Quebecor's corporate culture. Every year, Quebecor provides financial assistance to a large number of worthy causes  in the vital fields of health, community services, education, the environment and entrepreneurship. And Quebecor supports arts and culture in many ways.   

In 2007, Quebecor conceived and launched Éléphant: The memory of Québec cinema, a large-scale project to digitize in HD, restore and preserve Québec's heritage of feature films and make it accessible.More than 200 movies are now available 24/7 on Videotron’s illico video-on-demand service (channel 900), illico.tv and illico mobile. The films are also being gradually added, in the original version with subtitles, to iTunes in Canada, the U.S., France and all other European and African countries where French or English is one of the official languages. The Éléphant website at www.elephant.canoe.ca contains the largest existing database and information bank on Québec cinema.

In the arts, Quebecor supports many organizations and events such as SACEF’s Ma première Place des Arts contest, the Correspondances d'Eastman, Espace Félix-Leclerc, the Festival International de la poésie de Trois-Rivières and Montréal Museum Day.Quebecor has been the major partner of the Théâtre du Rideau Vert since 2005.

Quebecor publishes a yearly Bilan culturel. Click on the links below to access these reports detailing the activities of Quebecor and its subsidiaries in the cultural sphere and their contribution to promoting Québec arts and culture. Every year, the financial support and gifts in kind they provide add up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bilan culturel 2005
(PDF - 13,1 Mo)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2005

Bilan culturel 2006
(PDF - 7,3 Mo)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2006

Bilan culturel 2007
(PDF - 8,0 Mo)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2007

Bilan culturel 2008
(PDF - 7,3 Mo)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2008
Bilan culturel 2009
(PDF - 3,8 Mo)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2009 
Bilan culturel 2010
(Virtual Paper)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2010 

Bilan culturel 2012
(Virtual Paper)
Rapport du Fonds Pierre-Péladeau 2012

Bilan culturel 2013
(Virtual Paper)
Bilan culturel 2013

Bilan culturel 2014
(Virtual Paper)
Bilan culturel 2014

Bilan culturel 2015
(Virtual Paper)
Bilan culturel 2015

Bilan culturel 2016
(PDF - 7,4 Mo)
Bilan Culturel 2016


Every year, Quebecor receives thousands of requests for support.Here is how to submit a request:

  1. Send your application in writing to the following address:

Communications - Donations and Sponsorships
612 Saint-Jacques Street
Montréal, Québec H3C 4M8  

  1. Your application must be accompanied by all relevant documents, including a description of your organization and its mission, your most recent audited financial statements (if available) and the purpose of your request.Please provide the name of the appropriate contact person in your organization and contact information.

  2. All applications are submitted to a committee which meets regularly to review support requests.

  3. After the committee meets, we respond to all applications received in due form.We do our utmost to satisfy the requests we receive, given our budget and our company's social priorities. You can help make the process more efficient by following the above guidelines. We thank you for your help.