Quebecor: Part of Quebecers’ lives

For more than 70 years, Quebecor has been a mainstay of Québec’s economic, technological and cultural life.

Videotron’s services, our print media, our television channels, our film production services and our music, concert and book businesses have all played an important role in the development of Québec’s telecommunications, media, entertainment and cultural industries.


Every day, our 10,000 employees across Québec apply themselves to delivering the best possible customer experience. We spend massively on infrastructure in order to offer customers the most powerful mobile and wired networks. We strive to offer the best content by showcasing our talented Québec artists and cultural workers. And all our efforts are supported by the power of the convergence strategy we have been pursuing for the past 15 years.


But our contribution to Québec’s economic and cultural life would be incomplete without our active engagement with the community. Following the example of my father, Pierre Péladeau, we believe it is our duty to support those who are working day by day to make a difference in our society, especially in the cultural realm.


I thank all our shareholders, directors, customers, partners and talented employees. They all play a part in our success, each in their own way.


Pierre Karl Péladeau
President and CEO, Quebecor

Pierre Karl Péladeau photo

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