High-quality content on all platforms for the whole family

Quebecor Content is at the core of Quebecor’s multiplatform content strategy.It is a key partner to Quebecor’s subsidiaries, particularly Videotron and TVA Group. Quebecor Content enriches all of Quebecor’s content offerings by creating, developing, acquiring and disseminating unique content from the largest Québec and foreign studios. Its objective is to offer all audiences the best entertainment there is in the form of a wide selection of movies, television series, children’s programs, documentaries, variety shows and game shows.

Quebecor Content is also widening the audience for Québec productions and extending their lives by exploiting opportunities to export content developed or produced in Québec. It has business relationships with the major global movie and television industry players and is a vital partner to Québec production studios. Quebecor Content is proud to bring the work of Québec artists to audiences at home and abroad.