Concrete action for the environment

Quebecor’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development is deeply embedded in its daily operations.Guided by the strong belief that each action, large or small, can bring about important change, Quebecor’s environmental strategy has given rise to countless initiatives with concrete positive impacts on the environment.

Environmentally RESPONSIBLE partnerships
Since 2007, we have been working with Earth Day to encourage individuals, organizations and businesses to take action to save the environment. As a result of that partnership, more than 325,000 trees have been planted, more than 100,000 old cell phones collected, many schoolyards greened and a number of impactful events organized. The Porteur d’espoir program, supported by MAtv, Environnement JEunesse and Earth Day, recognizes green citizen initiatives. 

Quebecor also partners with Équiterre’s Rendez-vous branchés and Transportation Cocktail campaigns, which raise public awareness of the benefits of green transit.

RESPONSIBLE energy consumption
Quebecor recognizes the importance of climate-change related issues and makes efforts to improve the energy efficiency of its activities. The steps we have taken include the installation of automated lighting systems and programmable thermostats, as well as adjustments to Videotron’s vehicle fleet to accommodate hybrid systems.

Quebecor measures its carbon footprint by quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its activities. Since 2011, Quebecor’s annual report on its carbon emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project enables the Corporation to track its energy consumption and identify more opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

RESPONSIBLE resource use
Quebecor has introduced a number of measures related to responsible use of natural resources.In 2012, it obtained Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C111719) chain-of-custody certification for Quebecor Printing. Since 2007, Quebecor has been printing all black-and-white books on recycled paper containing 100% post-consumer fibers. TVA Publications’ magazines are printed on more than 90% FSC®-certified paper (FSC® C011825 and FSC® C016931).

To promote more responsible resource management by the paper industry, Quebecor works with its suppliers and the forest conservation organization Canopée. As a result, responsible procurement policies have been introduced at Quebecor’s Book Division and TVA Publications.

RESPONSIBLE waste management
Quebecor is making a considerable effort to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill sites. Its daily practices include continuous improvement of its multi-material recycling practices, environmentally responsible management of construction wastes and wastes produced by Videotron network maintenance, and recovery and refurbishing of customer equipment and the organization’s used computers.

Quebecor’s waste-related initiatives include Videotron’s 2e Vie program, which partners with non-profit social integration companies such as AFFI-Informatique and SIT. In addition to extending the life span of 36 tonnes of electronic products in 2014, the program helped more than 135 persons with mental health challenges enter the job market. The 2e Vie program was a finalist for the Novæ award for corporate citizenship in 2015.

Since 2009, Videotron has been encouraging consumers to bring old cell phones to more than 200 collection points at Videotron and Le SuperClub Vidéotron locations. Since 2013, set-top boxes, digital receivers and modems have also been accepted. As well, employees can deposit obsolete equipment in collection bins right in the workplace. The program diverts electronic equipment from landfill sites, gives devices a second life and offers Quebecers a recycling option.

GREEN events
When Quebecor’s Gestev subsidiary designs events, it applies its creativity and energy to developing, implementing and promoting green practices that are both environmentally and socially responsible. To ensure the effectiveness of its green efforts, Gestev measures and reports the impact of its events.

In 2014, Gestev was awarded the Vivat prize in the waste management category for its popular Vélirium event.It was also awarded the Coup d’éclat prize by the Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec and Festivals et Événements Québec in the sustainable development awareness category.