Anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips

Quebecor is Québec’s digital media leader. Its news, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, finance and sports brands are available on a multitude of websites, mobile apps and portals that dominate their categories year after year. They also have a strong social media presence which fuels conversations among their audiences.

Québec’s most popular digital platforms include the portal and its various sections, TVA Nouvelles, to top news site in Québec, the and sites, and the fully customizable J5 mobile app. The TVA Sports channel, the number 1 destination for Québec’s sports and hockey fans, has also released two apps, TVA Sports and TVA Sports HOCKEY.

Readers can peruse TVA Publications’ flagship magazines online, including Clin d’œil, Cool, MOI&cie, Signé M, Les idées de ma maison, Chez soi, Coup de pouce, Canadian Living, The Hockey News and many others.

As well, many of TVA Group’s top shows and its 8 specialty channels have websites, webpages and portals, including the Yoopa channel’s site for children and families, and the site of the CASA channel, THE source of information on decorating, cooking, real estate and renovation.