Quebecor Media Group and Tuango: Two leaders announce exclusive strategic partnership

Quebecor Media Group, the largest media group in Québec, is joining forces with Tuango, Québec's largest online promotional network, in a partnership that will open up new opportunities for the customers of each.

Under the agreement, Quebecor's advertisers will be able to pay for advertising placements on Quebecor's multiplatform media inventory – television, digital, newspapers, magazines, out-of-home – with goods and services to be sold on Tuango.

Donald Lizotte sees strong potential for the pairing between the two Québec-owned firms:

We share the same values, so this alliance was a natural. It is based on an innovative new business model that will enable us to offer our existing customers new local and national opportunities, and also to bring in new customers who couldn't previously afford a media campaign with us. It's a win-win for everyone.

Donald Lizotte Executive Vice President, Advertising Network, Quebecor Media Group

The exclusive partnership will position Quebecor Media Group to enter into more contra arrangements and will deliver significant volumes of new customers, visits and sales to its advertisers.

Nicole Tarazi, Vice President, Marketing & Partner of Tuango, is also confident that the arrangement will be beneficial to all. "This partnership will enable us to offer our members an even wider range of exclusive deals, since the contra agreement will attract even more major clients and strengthen our market-leading position."

Under the announced agreement, Tuango's partner-clients will have access to expanded options, including integration with off-line campaigns. They will enjoy extensive exposure opportunities on Quebecor Media Group properties combined with guaranteed immediate results from Tuango's digital network, which boasts close to 1.3 million email subscribers and draws 2 million visits per month on the Web and via its apps.

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