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25th anniversary of the passing of Pierre Péladeau


This December 24 is the 25th anniversary of the death of our founder, Pierre Péladeau.


A great Québec builder and generous patron of the arts, Pierre Péladeau believed Québec needed to claim its place and shake off its fetters in all spheres of endeavour. His unwavering commitment to Québec's prosperity and its economic, entrepreneurial, cultural and social development was a thread that ran through all of his achievements. His legendary tenacity, exuberant personality, plain speaking and wonderful sense of humor charmed all who knew him. They were the qualities that made him at once a sharp-witted businessman with a free spirit.


Today, Quebecor proudly upholds his legacy and ambitiously pursues his vision, both through its successful businesses and its philanthropic commitments, which are helping to build a stronger and more innovative economy, a richer and more diverse culture, and a healthier and more sustainable society.


Twenty-five years after he left us, we remember the exceptional man he was and salute the legacy he left us. 





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