“Let’s Talk TV” Decision: Videotron Shares the CRTC’s Approach

Following upon the CRTC’s decision released yesterday regarding the “Let’s Talk TV” hearings, Videotron welcomes the Commission’s desire to allow consumers still more flexibility.

We share the CRTC’s desire to give consumers still greater flexibility and more freedom of choice. The customer has always been Videotron’s top priority. Videotron became the first cable provider to offer a ‘build your own package’ option more than 10 years ago. We are enthusiastic about continuing along that path.

Manon Brouillette President and CEO of Videotron

Videotron would like to recall that it pioneered “build your own package” plans and was a trailblazer in offering its customers wider flexibility, without being required to do so by any regulation. Videotron is in a better position in this regard than any other broadcasting distribution undertaking, noted Manon Brouillette. We fully intend to continue innovating in order to provide our customers with the best possible entertainment experience.

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