Departure of Aldo Giampaolo

Aldo Giampaolo, President and CEO of QMI Entertainment & Sports, announced today that he is leaving Quebecor to join Feeling Productions as CEO. Among other things, Aldo will be managing Céline Dion’s career.


Despite the exciting challenges I faced at Quebecor, working with one of the world’s most popular and high-profile entertainers was a unique opportunity and a challenge I couldn’t pass up,” said Mr. Giampolo. “I know I am leaving behing me a solid team that is well equipped to continue the development of QMI Entertainment & Sports, including the opening of the new Québec City amphitheatre in 2015.


Mr. Giampaolo will oversee the transition until July 4, after which he will remain available on a volunteer basis to continue his collaboration with Quebecor, which he wishes to maintain in the future.

We were naturally saddened by the news but we take comfort in the fact that the longstanding relationship between Feeling Productions, René Angelil, Céline Dion and Quebecor’s various subsidiaries will enable us to continue working with Aldo on sensational new projects.

Pierre Dion President and CEO of Quebecor

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