Tentative agreements reached between TVA Group and CUPE 687

Representatives of CUPE 687, the union that represents unionized employees in Montréal, Québec City and the local stations, and TVA Group announced today that they have reached a tentative agreement to renew the two collective agreements.


The agreements were reached following bargaining talks that began in December 2023 and continued with the assistance of a conciliator named by the Minister of Labour. At the bargaining table, the parties agreed on the parameters of the new collective agreements and on mitigation measures for employees affected by the announcement made on November 2, 2023.


Both parties are pleased in the context with the negotiated agreements that will enable them to meet the major challenges facing the industry, while maintaining excellent conditions of employment and ensuring quality journalistic coverage throughout Québec.


In order to respect the decision-making process, the Union and TVA Group will make no further comment until the agreements have been put to a vote at the general assemblies of the two union units.

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