Freedom Mobile launches its first-ever true nationwide mobile plan, including U.S. roaming, at an unprecedented price

Following its recent acquisition by Quebecor’s Videotron subsidiary, Freedom Mobile has unveiled its first wireless plan with true national coverage, with the added bonus of U.S. roaming just in time for summer. The new $50 plan includes unlimited calls and texts, in addition to 40 GB of data anywhere in Canada and the U.S.


See the full details:


Quebecor has moved quickly to walk the talk since acquiring Freedom on April 3. In addition to the plan announced today, Freedom has introduced enhancements to its services that go well beyond the commitments made by Quebecor at the time of the transaction. For example, Freedom recently introduced Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee that applies to all its current and future customers for as long as they keep their plan. Also, active Freedom customers as of May 1 had their local data cap increased by 10% at no additional charge.


Freedom’s teams are now working on upgrading the wireless network to support the upcoming implementation of 5G technology and seamless roaming, two key enhancements that will further improve the Freedom customer experience and stimulate competition for the benefit of Canadians.

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