TVA Group closes Argent specialty service

TVA Group takes the difficult decision by asking the CRTC to revoke a broadcasting licence

TVA Group announced today that it is discontinuing its Argent specialty service. Argent will go off the air on April 30, 2016.


The television and cable industries are in turmoil and TVA Group has concluded that, despite the marketing efforts made in recent years to support Argent, it would be difficult if not impossible to achieve the profitability to continue operating the economic and financial channel.


The “Argent” brand will remain present on TVA Group’s other channels and online platforms. Quebecers will be able to rely on TVA Nouvelles and LCN who already provide extensive coverage of the economy, business news and major business players.

At a time when the government is handing the public broadcaster hundreds of millions of dollars, the closing of our channel Argent underscores the difficulties private broadcasters are facing in a fast-changing industry. We have built the brand Argent and we will keep the brand alive through TVA Nouvelles, LCN, and also on our online platforms, which are well suited to serve this niche.

Julie Tremblay President and CEO of Québecor Media Group and TVA Group Inc.

Regrettably, this decision will have an impact on some TVA Group employees. We would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their service over the years.


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