Hilo and Quebecor: A new partnership for better everyday energy consumption

Hilo and Quebecor are teaming up to present Quebecor subsidiary employees with a special offer on Hilo’s smart home service—a move that aims to further the adoption of sustainable practices and good energy use habits across the province. This partnership underscores the importance both organizations place on supporting the collective effort towards more efficient energy consumption in Quebec.


Business have an important role to play in the fight against climate change, and this necessarily involves energy transition and efficiency. Hilo is therefore a key partner that will enable us to support our Quebec employees in adopting and promoting sustainable practices. This initiative is in addition to our company’s existing environmental commitments and flagship programs, including our ambitious transportation electrification plan. We encourage Quebec organizations to continue getting involved in this fight.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor


We’re pleased to be partnering with Quebecor to offer its staff a very attractive offer on Hilo’s smart home service, an indispensable tool for saving electricity and participating in the energy transition. This initiative will help mobilize more Quebecers to adopt good energy management practices. We hope that more companies looking to take part in the clean energy shift will be able to offer this service to their staff and can use it as a mobilizing tool. Finally, this new partnership embodies our objective of helping our customers consume electricity more efficiently at home.

Dave Rhéaume, Executive Vice-President, Energy Planning and Customer Experience at Hydro-Québec


Last winter, each Hilo challenge curtailed 103 MW of power. And in addition to saving up to 15% on their electricity bills, participants received an average of $135 in cash rewards over the course of the season.


If your company is also interested in offering the Hilo smart home service to its staff at a special price, we invite you to reach out to the Hilo customer service team. 

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