Quebecor Gallery hosts new Serge Lemoyne exhibition

Quebecor is pleased to showcase the work of the important Québec artist Serge Lemoyne at its head office gallery.


The raison d’être of the Quebecor Gallery is, first and foremost, to promote our culture, to help democratize it and make it accessible to all. It is an open, welcoming space where our employees, visitors and the general public can discover or rediscover the works of Québec artists. This is very much in line with the vision that guided Serge Lemoyne’s life. Throughout his career, he worked tirelessly to break down the barriers between art and life, between art and the world, and between one social class and another.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, Quebecor President and CEO


Serge Lemoyne: Art without compromise

During his life, Serge Lemoyne wore many hats and expressed himself in a myriad of ways, which together left a lasting mark on Québec culture and society. Multidisciplinary artist, occasional politician, and master of the happening, Lemoyne believed in the fun of art and the power of art. He is recognized by many art historians as one of Québec’s most audacious postmodern artists and its first pop artist.


For Serge Lemoyne, art was a source of disruption and disruption was an intrinsic source of art. He questioned everything: from the major institutions of our society to the definition and role of art and the artist. He used every medium—sound, image, electronic media, everyday objects (even using the family home as a canvas)—to challenge both the established order and his own audience in order to spark awareness of the relevance and validity of creation in all its forms.


This exhibition covers Serge Lemoyne’s celebrated “Red, White and Blue” period. It was made possible by the expertise and generosity of curator Josée-Lyne Falcone. It runs until May 10, 2024, at the Quebecor Gallery, 612 Saint-Jacques St., Montréal.


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