Lyne Robitaille, Senior Vice President, Media Group, assumes responsibility for Music Division

Quebecor today announced changes to the management structure of its music operations. Distribution Select, the largest music distributor in Québec, and the Musicor music label will now be part of Quebecor’s Media Group, under the leadership of its President, Julie Tremblay.

By entrusting the management of our Music Division to our Media Group, we are bringing all operations that support the dissemination of culture together under one roof. We are confident that this reorganization will help promote partnerships within the Media Group.

Pierre Dion President and CEO of Quebecor

The Music Division will now be under the responsibility of Lyne Robitaille, who will bear the title of Senior Vice President, Newspapers, Books & Music. She will have the support of a top notch collaborator, Christian Breton, currently Vice President, Operations of Musicor and Distribution Select. Mr. Breton is a well-known figure in the music industry who has extensive knowledge of the industry and of Québec artists.


Since joining Quebecor in 1988, Lyne Robitaille has racked up a string of achievements. Among other things, she and her team spearheaded the digital shift in the newspapers segment, including the J5 project, which recently earned two Eppy Awards, one of the most prestigious international prizes for excellence in digital media. With the experience she brings to the table, Ms. Robitaille will not only be able to hold the course the Music Division has charted in recent years but to also pursue new opportunities to promote the talented artists signed to Musicor and to the labels distributed by Distribution Select.


Quebecor’s Media Group is the leader in news and entertainment media. Through its brands, it surprises, informs and entertains, delivering the best possible customer experience and supporting the dissemination of culture.


Quebecor is committed to maintaining its position as a leading music industry player in Québec and across Canada, said Pierre Dion. And, as a leader in other industries of vital importance to musical artists, such as television, newspapers, magazines, books, digital media and live events, Quebecor is in a unique position to support their success on all distribution platforms.

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