Pierre Karl Péladeau returns to Quebecor as President and CEO, Pierre Dion appointed Chairman of the Board of Quebecor Media

Quebecor today announced that Pierre Karl Péladeau is resuming his role as President and CEO, effective immediately. Pierre Dion, who has held the position since April 2014, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Quebecor Media and a director of Quebecor. Moreover, his nomination will be proposed for the Board of Directors of TVA Group at its General Meeting in May 2017. Brian Mulroney will remain Chairman of the Board of Quebecor.

I am very pleased to return to the helm of Quebecor. The Corporation is dear to my heart, it is in sound financial health, and has grown steadily in recent years. I’d like to express my gratitude to Pierre Dion for his hard work and exemplary leadership, and to the entire management team. Pierre has been with the company since 2004 and has been a trusted colleague of mine for over ten years. I’m looking forward to working with him again.

Pierre Karl Péladeau President and CEO of Quebecor

I am proud of what I have accomplished in nearly three years as Quebecor’s President and CEO and I’m pleased to hand the reins back to Pierre Karl. My new roles will provide new opportunities to contribute to Quebecor’s success. And of course I am fortunate to have the chance to work with Pierre Karl again.

Pierre Dion Chairman of the Board of Quebecor Media and member of the Board of Quebecor

Since it was founded by Pierre Péladeau in 1965, Quebecor has always been a solid, successful company thanks to its talented management teams. With Pierre Karl back in the driver’s seat and Pierre as Chairman of the Board of Quebecor Media, we have a first-rate team in place to lead the Corporation’s growth and development going forward.

The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney Chairman of the Board of Quebecor

In his previous 14-year term as President and CEO, Pierre Karl Péladeau articulated a strategic vision for Quebecor which continued to guide the Corporation under Pierre Dion’s leadership. With the new change in leadership, Quebecor will maintain continuity and press ahead with implementation of its business plan.

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