Qobuz high-quality music platform soon available in Canada

Qobuz joins forces with QUB Musique in Quebec


Qobuz, the pioneering French high-res online music platform that is a touchstone for audiophiles worldwide, will be coming to Canada in May 2023. And to add to the excitement, from the day of its Canadian launch, the Qobuz offering will incorporate the entire rich catalogue of Québec streaming platform QUB Musique.


A natural development and exceptional showcase

The integration of QUB Musique with Qobuz will give Québec artists a whole new technology showcase for their works while delighting QUB Musique subscribers with an enhanced, transformative music-listening experience. As an integral part of Qobuz, QUB Musique will maintain its distinctive brand—for example, by providing customized playlists for Québec music lovers along with high-quality local editorial content (album reviews, feature articles and interviews).


As Qobuz Deputy CEO Georges Fornay describes it, After an initial, highly successful collaboration with Quebecor, Qobuz is very pleased to be taking this partnership one step further and thus strengthening our presence in the Canadian market. Qobuz and QUB Musique share the same values and convictions about music distribution, offering a differentiated approach that fosters the promotion of artistic creation and international, French-language and local musical culture. We are delighted to welcome Canadians and Quebecers into the big Qobuz community and offer them a unique, complete experience for enjoying and rediscovering all forms of music.


Says Quebecor Vice-President for Digital Content Mathieu Turbide, Quebecor is delighted that the QUB Musique brand will continue to grow and evolve as part of Qobuz, a world-class, high-performance platform that has an extensive track record and is recognized by audiophile and music lovers throughout the world. As a Qobuz shareholder since 2019, Quebecor believes in the future of this platform, whose many attributes will let us continue pursuing our core mission of featuring talent from Québec.


Rediscovering music with Qobuz

Since its founding in 2007, Qobuz has continued to grow its community of passionate fans of all kinds of music. With its catalogue of more than 100 million titles, Qobuz offers a diverse environment where everyone can discover, learn, collect and share their music. For demanding audiophiles and music lovers, Qobuz—the platform that pioneered high-resolution sound—guarantees unequalled sound quality approximating that of the artists’ original studio recordings (24-bit/up to 192 kHz).


An authentic cultural medium, Qobuz also stands out for its rich editorial content, including album reviews, panoramas, liner notes, interviews, biographies and testing grounds, and close to half a million articles to let music fans enrich their musical culture. Qobuz also offers a customized approach to music: recommendations made by a team of experts, to seek out tomorrow’s talents and enable local and international artists to emerge. In this regard, Qobuz will now be hosting the 4000 playlists carefully curated by QUB Musique to showcase creators from Québec.


Current QUB Musique subscribers will be entitled to a preferred monthly rate when they transfer their subscriptions to Qobuz. Starting in May 2023, Qobuz will be accessible on iOS and Android devices, as well as on Macs and PCs.


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