Quebecor and Université de Montréal give Quebec entrepreneurship a boost

Quebecor and the Fondation Chopin-Péladeau make historic $40M donation to the Université de Montréal to support the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs


A $40 million donation to support entrepreneurship in Quebec has opened a new chapter in the history of giving to the Université de Montréal (UdeM). The major gift, announced today by UdeM Rector Daniel Jutras and Quebecor President and CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau, reflects Mr. Péladeau’s desire to actively contribute to the development of the next generation of Quebec entrepreneurs. The money will come in equal parts from Quebecor and the Fondation Chopin-Péladeau. It will be used to fund Millénium Quebecor, a comprehensive entrepreneurship awareness, training and support program, and to construct the Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau, a state-of-the-art building named in honour of Quebecor’s founder.


My father dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in order to contribute to Quebec’s economic development. Our partnership with the Université de Montréal is our way of continuing his legacy and helping to build the Quebec of tomorrow. By backing the creation of a place for people to connect and the establishment of a new entrepreneurship program, we are doing all we can to support and advance members of the next generation. All of Quebec society will benefit—socially, economically and environmentally

Pierre Karl Péladeau, a UdeM alumnus (Law 1987) like his father before him (Philosophy 1947)


Millénium Quebecor program

The Millénium Quebecor program will capitalize on the excellence and diversity of education and research at the Université de Montréal to give students early exposure to entrepreneurship and help foster the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs. In addition to advanced training in entrepreneurship, students and researchers will be able to draw on the support of a team of experts to help turn their business ideas into reality. 

The program will embrace all forms of entrepreneurship, including non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship. A start-up assistance fund will also be established, with financial support from Quebecor, to stimulate business development in Quebec and promote the growth of our innovation ecosystem.

A 2019 survey of UdeM students conducted by the University found that nearly 30% of respondents had a desire to become entrepreneurs. The Millénium Quebecor program will therefore meet a real need.

More than ever, Quebec needs entrepreneurial spirit and scientific innovation to face the challenges of the present and future, to create wealth, and especially to ensure its financial, material and social autonomy, said Daniel Jutras, Rector of the Université de Montréal.  I sincerely thank Pierre Karl Péladeau and Quebecor for demonstrating their confidence in the next generation with this historic donation. This gift will enable us to concretely support our young people’s entrepreneurial success.

Over the past decade, the Université de Montréal has established itself as a major player in innovation in several fields, including artificial intelligence. UdeM now wants to build on its strengths to become a nerve centre for next-generation enterprise in Quebec. The goal is to accompany young entrepreneurs on their journey and make entrepreneurship and innovation a core component of education at the University. 

Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau

The future Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau building on the MIL Campus will be a space for connections, an innovation hub with state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive, socially responsible approach.

The Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau will house the Millénium Quebecor program and the future Centre d’innovation de l’Université de Montréal, an innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the development of new ideas, the growth of entrepreneurial activity, and the realization of the economic and social benefits of innovation. It will be a place where the know-how of business builders, the expertise of researchers and innovation specialists, and the enthusiasm of UdeM student-entrepreneurs will come together within a concerted, responsible approach. 

The Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau will contribute to the development of MIL Montreal, a neighbourhood where students, researchers, workers, artists and residents rub shoulders. Construction of the new building will begin when all government approvals have been received. In the meantime, the community of aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and support services will be accommodated in rented space near the MIL campus set to open in spring 2022.


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