QUB musique wins ADISQ Music Initiative Award

The Québec music streaming service QUB musique was a winner at the ADISQ award ceremony on November 12, picking up the Music Initiative Award. A total of nine awards were handed out to recognize the work of Québec radio industry players.


The place to discover local music

QUB musique is a music streaming service powered by Quebecor that launched in May 2020. It differs from the major international streaming platforms by offering a service created in Québec that gives pride of place to Québec artists and emphasizes the discoverability of Québec albums and playlists.


This honour confirms that QUB musique has quickly carved out a place for itself in the cultural industry and in the daily lives of its subscribers. We are proud that the platform turns the spotlight on our artists and is creating a connection with Québec audiences. We thank ADISQ for this recognition.

Marc-André Laporte, Senior Director of QUB musique


Showcasing Québec talent

In its first year of operation, more than 12 million songs, 75% of them from Québec artists, were played on the QUB musique mobile app and website. Of the 200 most frequently played artists on the service, 124 are from Québec. QUB musique’s rich and diverse catalogue of more than 75 million tracks is constantly evolving.


“Québec artists account for about 2% of listens on competitive services in Canada,” says Marc-André Laporte. “On QUB musique, the figure is 75%. Our royalty payments are based on the number of listens, so that makes a real difference.”


QUB musique operates on a monthly subscription model that makes it possible to pay Québec artists and rights holders a fair price. It is available to Videotron mobile customers for only $4.99 and to other customers starting at $11.99.

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