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Quebecor on the move with the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie!


Hearty cheers greeted the cyclists who rode into Montréal’s Olympic Stadium on Sunday at the end of the 10th edition of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. The 20 Quebecor riders who took part, including CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau and Gino Chouinard with his Salut Bonjour team, were emotional and proud after completing the 1,000-km, cross-Québec course in four days. They all agreed the mass event makes an important difference by promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


As a partner of the Grand Défi for the past 9 years, the Quebecor family is proud to help spread its message across Québec.


Congrats to all the riders who participated and a special thank-you to Pierre Lavoie and the entire Grand défi crew team for giving us a chance to test our limits!


See the highlights of the incredible cycling adventure.

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