Québecor Groupe Média launches Goji, a talent collective serving online video content creators

Québecor Groupe Média announces the creation of Goji, an innovative, custom-tailored initiative to help and promote the most talented Youtubers in the development of their multi-platform brand.
Goji, is a cutting-edge ensemble of skills from Québecor Groupe Média to help creators maximize their impact, presence and visibility.
These skills include the development of their audience, monetisation, distribution and media. What's more, by working with specialists at Goji, creators will be able to optimize every aspect of their digital production and more efficiently reach their target audience, comprised mainly of 15-30 year-olds.

Each week, creators share their passions and emotions in video capsules on the Web. By creating Goji, we will help young local creators display all facets of their talent in greater numbers by taking advantage of Québecor Groupe Média's reach. They will now be able to show off their talent and be successful right here in Québec and elsewhere in the world.

Julie Tremblay President and Chief Executive Officer of Québecor Groupe Média and Groupe TVA Inc.
When it comes to the means of production, the availability of experts, new opportunities to collaborate and access to our print and electronic platforms, Goji opens the door to a whole new era in entertainment for young adults. Our team is ready to help them maximize their visibility, says Caroline Roy, Vice-President, Québecor Digital.


For more information, Youtubers can now communicate with the Goji team at info@gojistudios.com and www.gojistudios.com.

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