Quebecor Group Media signs major partnership with meltygroup, a French company with a global reach

Quebecor strengthens its position with Generation Y

Quebecor Media Group, which combines the strengths of Quebecor’s entertainment and news media outlets, today made a breakthrough in the area of content for Generation Y audiences with the announcement of a major agreement with French company meltygroup.


meltygroup has found success in France with a collection of websites for audiences in the 15–30 age group, and is a leading global player in its niche. With a presence in eight countries and content spanning film, music, video games, tech, travel and adventure, TV series, and celebrities, meltygroup’s 24 digital media outlets receive a total of 25 million visits per month. The company truly has its finger on the pulse of what today’s young people care and talk about.


meltygroup’s 24 editorial teams and 100 content providers, with an average age of just 27, publish 300–500 articles every day that are avidly read by young people with laptops and mobile devices. With proven native advertising expertise, meltygroup is also a valuable partner for Quebecor Media Group advertisers seeking to connect with Generation Y.

For years now we’ve have been seeing an explosion in content for young audiences, thanks largely to the new possibilities of digital platforms and the huge popularity of social media. This has created unprecedented demand for new, original content, and we have decided to put our leadership and the talent of our teams to work to position ourselves in this key sector. These initiatives represent crucial opportunities for advertisers, who are constantly on the lookout for new ways to reach young people.

Julie Tremblay Quebecor Media Group and TVA Group President and CEO

We’re very excited by this partnership with Quebecor Media Group. We believe the group’s reach, professionalism and experience will give meltygroup the ability to build the same online success with young Canadians that we achieved in France, said Rodolphe Pelosse, Associate General Manager of meltygroup.


Quebecor Media Group’s agreement with meltygroup comes on the heels of a number of recent announcements including the launch of Goji, which helps the most talented YouTubers boost their reach and maximize their impact with audiences.

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