Quebecor launches QUB musique

The first streaming platform created by a Quebec company to feature Quebec talent!


Today Quebecor is very proud to announce the launch of QUB musique, the first streaming platform designed and produced in Quebec. Accessible via a mobile application and on the web, QUB musique offers an impressive, international-calibre catalogue of 50 million songs available on demand, as well as hundreds of playlists created by avid local curators who understand Quebecers’ needs and tastes.  


Faced with large international streaming platforms, Quebecor wanted to offer Quebecers a local product which offers an unparalleled showcase for local talent and does its part to improve artist and music rights holders’ remuneration. In this time of crisis, supporting our local artists is more important than ever, and what better way is there to do that than listening to local music? This is why we decided to move up the launch of QUB musique, so that audiences could discover and enjoy the richness of the Quebec repertoire!

Pierre Karl Péladeau, Quebecor President and Chief Executive Officer


Over the past few months, the QUB musique team met with the associations, distributors, record labels, artists and music fans to develop a custom platform for citizens of the province. Even if it’s a beta launch, we are very proud of the platform being presented today. Users’ comments will help us enhance the customer experience, said Mathieu Turbide, Québecor Vice-President, Digital Content.  




For the occasion, QUB musique is being offered at no cost to everyone until July 31, 2020. To take advantage of the launch offer, go to


Beginning August 1, QUB musique will benefit from a partnership with Vidéotron, which will offer the service for $4.99 a month to its mobile phone customers. Otherwise, QUB musique will be available for $11.99 a month. Either way, more money will be paid to artists and rights holders by QUB musique than by other streaming services. We are betting that Quebecers are ready to do their part so that players in the music industry are better paid. As for us, we are committed to continuing to invest and work to make QUB musique a true ally of Quebec music,  said Mathieu Turbide, Quebecor Vice-President Digital Content.




Audio, video, written: QUB musique will present music in all its forms. As well, the public can create their own playlists, find out what the artists themselves are listening to, and receive exclusive content. The QUB musique platform offers a turnkey musical experience conducive to listening and discovery, while offering a showcase dedicated to made-in-Quebec music. The main objective: to bring local artists and audiences closer together.


With QUB musique, Québecor has once again chosen to spotlight homegrown talent! To launch the new platform, Québecor is unveiling a major promotional campaign which will feature several local artists from different musical backgrounds. Among them:


The arrival of QUB musique in our ecosystem is really great news, both for the industry and artists as well as for the public. QUB musique will enable listeners to discover new music while offering wider exposure to the diversity and immense creativity of local artists. 

- Alex Nevsky


I think it is important that our culture is encouraged, that we take action so that homegrown artists are listened to and heard, and that their words and music are front and centre. I think that the arrival of QUB musique is a giant step in the right direction. 

- Yann Perreau


I am really pleased by the creation of QUB musique, a music streaming platform, created by Quebecers for Quebecers. For those who are not yet familiar with streaming, now’s the time to get started! 

- Guylaine Tanguay

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