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The largest group of French-language publishing houses and distributors in Canada

Sogides Group

Sogides Group includes 18 publishing houses (only available in French) dedicated to a wide range of genres and categories: fiction, poetry, biographies, cooking, psychology, children’s literature.

Together, they publish more than 1,000 titles per year and have won a bevy of prestigious literary awards.

Quebecor has been publishing books for more than 40 years. The notable bestsellers released by its publishing houses include:

  • RU by Kim Thuy (Libre Expression)
  • Code Québec by Jean-Marc Léger (Les Éditions de l’Homme)
  • Le livre noir des Hells Angels (Les Éditions du Journal)
  • The children’s series Défense d’entrer by Caroline Héroux (Les Éditions de la Bagnole)
  • Famille futée 2 (La Semaine)
  • Vieillesse par une vraie vieille by Janette Bertrand (Libre Expression)
Code Québec by Jean-Marc Léger, le livre noir des Hells Angels  and RU by Kim Thuy

CEC Publishing

Leading textbook publisher CEC Publishing produces the most widely used educational materials in Québec schools, for all subjects and all levels.

CEC is known for publishing books of the highest quality. It is also distinguished by its extensive digital offerings and interactive exercises. 

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