Messageries ADP

Messageries ADP distributes French-language books in print and digital formats. It is Canada’s largest distributor of French books with more than 42,000 titles every year.

Its turnkey service brings releases from nearly 200 Québec and European publishers to bookstores, mass retailers, schools and libraries.

Messageries ADP has an office in Paris supported by Interforum, a subsidiary of Editis – Planeta, France’s second largest publishing grouphouse.

Visit the Messageries ADP site (only available in French)
Messageries ADP: Canada’s largest distributor of French-language books

Messageries Dynamiques

Messageries Dynamiques is the largest distributor of magazines and newspapers in Québec. Last year, it distributed more than 55 million copies of newspapers and more than 40 million copies of 4,480 magazine titles to its network of more than 12,600 points of sale, including 4,500 restaurants.

Messageries Dynamiques also provides home delivery of some magazines as well as the leading Québec and Canadian dailies, including Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec.

Messageries Dynamiques: 12,600+ points of sale

Mirabel Printing

Mirabel Printing prints Quebecor Media Group’s newspapers and also offers newspaper printing services to outside customers.

Mirabel Printing

TVA Films

TVA Films is a key player in the distribution of Québec cinematic and audiovisual products on various platforms, including DVD, video on demand and theatrical release. The popular favourites offered by TVA Films include comedy shows, concerts and Québec television series.

The popular favourites offered by TVA Films

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