2019 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries award $200,000 to young entrepreneurs

As part of its commitment to supporting the next generation of Québec entrepreneurs, Quebecor was pleased to present four Pierre Péladeau Bursaries totaling $200,000 at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders. For the last 21 years, the Pierre Péladeau Bursary has provided students with the means to translate their business ideas into reality by supporting them in the start-up and development phases.


Fostering entrepreneurial spirit is important to Quebecor because we firmly believe that creating innovative new companies, especially ones dedicated to new technology and the environment, is essential to diversify Québec’s economy going forward. These young people are bursting with talent and creativity: they are the next generation of entrepreneurs who will build the Québec business world of the future

Pierre Karl Péladeau, Quebecor President and CEO


Congratulations to the 2019 Pierre Péladeau Bursary winners


$100, 000 Bursary - Puzzle Medical Devices

Jade Doucet-Martineau, Gabriel Georges and François Trudeau, École de Technologie Supérieure and Université de Montréal

Puzzle Medical Devices makes minimally invasive medical devices. Its goal is to rethink the way medical devices are implanted using innovative methods to implant and assemble devices inside the human body, thereby reducing complications and offering treatment options for frail patients.


$50 000 Bursary - Biolift

Samuel Lecours, Guillaume Gaudet and Laurent Blanchet, Polytechnique de Montréal

Biolift helps improve the well-being of people with reduced autonomy and enhances healthcare worker safety and efficiency by developing reasonably priced biorobotic and mechanical physical assistance technologies. Their main products are exoskeletons, braces and custom prosthetics.


$35 000 Bursary - DeLeaves

Hughes Lavigne and Guillaume Charron, Université de Sherbrooke

DeLeaves is a drone designed to collect leaf samples from tree-top branches. It is a simple, effective and affordable solution for all tree species, heights and vegetation densities that will help the forestry industry improve its knowledge of our forests and enhance conservation efforts.


$15 000 Bursary - Cigogne Technologies

Rosemarie St-Yves Ferron and Alexis Chabot-Tremblay, Université de Sherbrooke

CIGOGNE is an innovative biomedical transportation solution, a chemically refrigerated smart compartment that provides fully % autonomous temperature regulation when transporting vaccines, organs or biomedical products.



Quebecor thanks the members of the 2019 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury:

  • Pierre Laurin, Chairman of the Jury
  • Manon Brouillette, corporate director and Director, Quebecor
  • Sylvie Lalande, Vice-Chair of the Board and Lead Director, Quebecor
  • Adam Lapointe, CEO, Soccrent
  • Claire Léger, Director, St-Hubert Group Inc.
  • Marc Leroux, President, Priorat Capital Inc.
  • André Maynard, Vice-President, Business Opportunities, Quebecor
  • Érik Péladeau, President and CEO, Groupe Lelys
  • Jean B. Péladeau, Director, Advertising and Digital Media Solutions, Videotron


Since the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries were created in 1999, $2.1 million has been distributed by Quebecor to support more than 60 start-ups.

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