Pierre Péladeau Bursaries : $200,000 to promote entrepreneurship in Québec

Quebecor and asterX are pleased to announce the recipients of the 24th edition of the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries. This year, Quebecor has awarded bursaries totalling $200,000, empowering the most promising student entrepreneurs across Québec university campuses to take their ideas to the next level. The financial assistance, combined with coaching, will help five innovative companies bring their business projects to fruition.


We have a collective responsibility to contribute to the creation and growth of local startups that have the potential to shape the Québec of tomorrow and build a more prosperous and more sustainable society. Entrepreneurship and risk-taking have always been part of Quebecor’s values. I am proud to present these bursaries for the 24th consecutive year in honour of the remarkable builder that my father was

Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor


We are glad to welcome these daring young entrepreneurs to asterX’s community of founders and offer them key tools for their development, added Pelra Azondekon, Managing Director of asterX. We hope to be allies in their progress and success. This is why the bursary is coupled with coaching and access to Quebecor’s networks and resources.


Quebecor and asterX thank the members of the selection committees for each university, who assessed a large number of outstanding applications in a wide range of industries. The finalists’ files were then forwarded to Quebecor’s jury, which had the pleasure of selecting the five recipients who stood out by virtue of their high-potential and impactful solutions for our society.


Congratulations to the 2022 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries recipients!

Click here to watch highlights of the announcement to the winners and to find out more about their projects.

$75, 000 bursary - Désherbex
Simon Michaud, Université de Sherbrooke

Désherbex is bringing to market a tractor-drawn agricultural machine with interchangeable robotic tools for automated precision weeding of root vegetable fields. Its innovative technology offers a permanent, ecological and sustainable solution to weed problems and makes life easier for farmers. 

$50, 000 bursary - OuiNut
Simon Diallo-Blais et Rutherford Exius, Université de Montréal

OuiNut aims to launch the first-ever line of safe foods containing a precise dose of peanut protein to help desensitize children to peanut allergies. Their solution supports the introduction of allergens to reduce the incidence of food allergies in the general population in a way that’s simple for parents, children and medical professionals. 


$30, 000 bursary - Juno (ex-aequo)
Lynn Doughane, Albert Obeid et Nanette Sene, Polytechnique Montréal

Juno is developing a compact, portable device that provides fast and lasting relief from menstrual pain. The company plans to offer an effective solution that fits the lifestyles of active women.


$30, 000 bursary - Acrylique Robotiques (ex-aequo)
Chloë Ryan, Université McGill

Acrylic Robotics’ mission is to democratize access to art through robotics. It produces blockchain-authenticated, limited-edition visual art collections designed by artists and painted on canvas by robots, making the works accessible at scale.  


$15, 000 bursary - Hôtel UNIQ
Myriam Corbeil, Université du Québec à Montréal

Hôtel UNIQ is an exclusive, eco-friendly pop-up village that travels to Québec’s hidden gems as well as busy tourist spots that are short of accommodations. It’s the perfect balance between camping, with its close contact with nature, and conventional hotel rooms, with their service, design and comfort. Guests have a unique community experience.


Allies for university entrepreneurs in Québec
Since they were created in 1999, the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries, named in honour of Quebecor’s founder, have distributed $2.7 million in bursaries to student entrepreneurs and helped launch more than 75 businesses.


Quebecor and asterX thank the members of the jury for the 2022 edition:

•    Pierre Laurin, Chairman of the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury, Corporate Director, former Director of HEC Montréal
•    Pelra Azondekon, Managing Director, asterX and Director, Corporate Venture Capital, Quebecor
•    Jean B. Péladeau, Vice-President, Operational convergence, Quebecor
•    Chanel Damphousse, Partner, MacKinnon Bennett & Co. (MKB)
•    Sylvie Lalande, Corporate Director
•    Adam Lapointe, CEO, Soccrent
•    Marc Leroux, President, Priorat Capital Inc.
•    Érik Péladeau, President, Publication Alpha inc.

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