Management changes at TVA Group Inc.

Sylvie Lalande, Chair of the Board of TVA Group Inc., regretfully announces the retirement of President and CEO Julie Tremblay. Ms. Tremblay is also resigning from the TVA Group Board of Directors and as President and CEO of Quebecor Media Group.


Julie was a dynamic and masterful President of TVA Group during a period of disruptive change in our traditional lines of business, television and magazines, said Ms. Lalande. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the unwavering loyalty and dediaction she displayed at the helm of the Group.

I had the privilege of working with Julie for more than 25 years and I was always impressed by her readiness to devote herself heart and soul to the organization’s success. At every stage of her career with Quebecor, she was able to draw on her motivational skills and determination to tackle tall challenges. I thank Julie for all she has done and I wish her a retirement filled with joyful days with friends and family.

Pierre Karl Péladeau President and CEO of Quebecor

Sylvie Lalande is pleased to announce the appointment of France Lauzière as President and CEO of TVA Group and Chief Content Officer of Quebecor Content. After joining TVA Group in 2001, Ms. Lauzière served as Director of Variety and then General Manager, Programs. In 2016 she was appointed Vice President, Programming of TVA. In 2013, she created and became the head of Quebecor Content, a business unit of Quebecor Media which will remain under her responsibility.


To support her in daily management duties, Ms. Lauzière announces the appointment of Martin Picard as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of TVA Group. Mr. Picard joined TVA in 2002 and has been Senior Manager, Administration and Financing, Quebecor Content until now. With his track record as a rigorous and dynamic manager, he is the logical choice to ensure the organization’s continuing success.


All the changes take effect today.


I am very pleased that France has accepted the Board’s invitation to take up the reins at TVA Group, said Mr. Péladeau. With the support of a solid content team, France has led TVA and its specialty channels to unprecedented ratings, despite the proliferation of content and entertainment sources. With her experience, France is well equipped to maintain continuity at TVA.

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