Quebecor sets the record straight on public contracts

Quebecor wants to set the record straight on the contracts between its subsidiaries and Québec public agencies. The Corporation is proud to serve its public sector clients across Québec and to provide them with Quebecor’s high-quality platforms and the benefits of healthy competition. However, Quebecor’s revenues from those contracts account for a very small proportion of the $4.1 billion in revenues1 and of the $1.6 billion in adjusted operating income1 posted in 2017. Therefore, those contracts have no material impact on the Corporation’s profitability.


All services and operations of the Corporation and its subsidiaries remain unchanged. Legal proceedings to regularize the situation are underway. We are confident that the matter will be settled in the near future without restricting the Corporation’s activities or its public sector clients.


1 As reported in our consolidated financial statements for 2017.

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