Québec City Arena becomes the Videotron Centre

Benoît Robert, President and CEO of Quebecor’s Sports & Entertainment Group, is pleased to announce that the new Québec City Arena will be named the Videotron Centre. Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron, was present at the big announcement and introduced a 3D animation of the building sporting its new name.

ith this name change, Quebecor is renewing its original commitment to make the Québec City Arena— now to be known as the Videotron Centre — a resounding success that will benefit the entire Québec City community. Quebecor committed to this project from the very outset because we believe in the exceptional dynamism of Québec City’s people, the leadership of its business community, the verve of its population. The Videotron Centre belongs to all Quebecers and I can assure you that people will come from all parts of Québec to watch the sporting and cultural events that will be held there.

Benoît Robert President and CEO of Quebecor’s Sports & Entertainment Group

Videotron is very proud to associate its name and all its brands with what will be an iconic building for Québec City. We have built strong relationships with Québec City residents; we have 600,000 users of our services in the Québec City area and we are part and parcel of their daily lives. So the partnership with the Québec City Arena that we are announcing today is a natural extension of that relationship.

Manon Brouillette President and CEO of Videotron

 Bear in mind that Videotron has been ranked the most respected telecommunications provider in Québec by a Léger survey for the tenth year in a row.


As manager of the Videotron Centre for the next 25 years, Quebecor will pay the City of Québec $33,000,000, payable in full upon the opening of the Videotron Centre, planned for September 15, 2015. Should Quebecor become the holder of a National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, it will pay the City of Québec a total of $63,500,000. 

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