The Fabienne Colas Foundation awards the first Quebecor Diversity On Screen Scholarship

It is with great pride and pleasure that the Fabienne Colas Foundation, an arts organization that created the Montreal International Black Film Festival (MIBFF), has awarded the first $5,000 Quebecor Diversity on Screen Scholarship to Anaëlle Béglet today.


Provided by Quebecor as part of a three-year partnership with the Montreal International Black Film Festival, this scholarship will cover part of Béglet’s training fees for the 2019 Film Program (producer category) at the Institut national de l’image et du son (L’Inis).


The Fabienne Colas Foundation awards the Quebecor Diversity on Screen Scholarship to young people aged 18 to 35 and from Quebec’s black communities, who wish to study in the audiovisual industry at a well-known educational institution. This support trains the upcoming generation in television and film, all the while encouraging more diversity on and off screen.


We are pleased to continue pursuing our mission of building bridges and promoting education and diversity through the arts, said Fabienne Colas, founder and president of the Fabienne Colas Foundation and the Montreal International Black Film Festival. We would like to warmly thank Quebecor for this scholarship that encourages wider accessibility and cultural exchange while supporting the next generation of Quebec film. This is yet another concrete step toward recognizing Quebec’s modern-day diverse society.


Quebecor is proud to support the next generation in Québec's film and television industry, and to help build a strong, diverse and engaged production community. "We congratulate Anaëlle Béglet!

Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor


For many years, L’inis has taken action to promote access to its training programs for students hailing from minorities, said Michel G. Desjardins, CEO of the Institut.  We are proud to be part of this collaboration with the Fabienne Colas Foundation and Québecor. Awarding this scholarship to Anaëlle Béglet is a concrete gesture of support that will help her along her career path, Desjardins continued.


 I would like to thank the Fabienne Colas Foundation for awarding me the Quebecor Diversity on Screen Scholarship scholarship for the film program at l’inis, winner Anaëlle Béglet said. This training will allow me to build on my progress for my professional future; this scholarship will help me significantly in focusing solely and fully on my training as a producer.


Anaëlle Béglet, an adopted Montrealer for nearly 10 years, received her bachelor’s degree in film studies at the Université de Montréal in 2012. Following her education, she worked as production secretary and production coordinator for many French-Canadian drama series such as 19-2, Les pays d’en haut, and Big Top Academy. Keen to perfect her understanding of the film set, Béglet took part in the assistant director apprenticeship program at the DGC, where she worked as second and third assistant director for various short films, televised series, and video clips. In 2017, Apartment 11 Productions President Jonathan Finkelstein hired Béglet to help him in his role as producer for miscellaneous company projects. Anaëlle is a film lover and plans to produce engaging film to encourage emerging creators and facilitate diversity on screen. 


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