Le Journal de Québec, THE daily that readers prefer 7 days a week!

The results of the 2013 NADbank survey, which measured the readership levels of the main daily newspapers across the country, reveal that with its 355,300 readers, Le Journal de Québec is THE daily that people in the Quebec City market prefer, 7 days a week.


These outstanding results also show that Le Journal de Québec attracts 88,000 more readers a week than its competitor, which is a 33% lead. In all, 55% of the population in Quebec City chooses to read Le Journal de Québec1. 

The range of views our newspaper expresses, our regional coverage, and the quality of our readership are what sets us apart. These exceptional results motivate us even more to achieve continued success.

Louise Cordeau Publisher of Le Journal de Québec


With 176,800 readers, Le Journal de Québec has 54,000 more readers than its competitor on weekdays, which is a solid 44% lead.


Le Journal de Québec attracts a total of 176,500 readers on Saturday, which is 33,100 more readers than its competitor and represents a 23% lead.


Also Number 1 on Sunday, Le Journal de Québec reaches out to a total of 127,600 readerson that day, which is 11,900 more readers than its competitor for a 10% lead2.


Last fall, Le Journal de Québec overhauled its image and logo. Results suggest that readers truly appreciate the daily’s many new features, including many new columnists and bloggers expressing a wide range of views, new supplements dedicated to Quebec City, and new theme-based sections.


Le Journal de Québec takes this opportunity to thank its many readers and advertisers for making the newspaper their favourite daily, 7 days a week, as well as making it the most widely read daily in and around Quebec City.


1Source: 2013 NADbank, Québec City CMA, adults 18 +, print and electronic editions, web and mobile applications, past 7 days.

2Source: 2013 NADbank, Québec City CMA, adults 18 +, print and electronic editions.

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