2014 Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries: $100,000 to support young entrepreneurs

Quebecor is proud to support the next generation of Québec businesspeople by awarding the Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries, with a total value of $100,000, for the 16th consecutive year. The money will help seven promising young entrepreneurs start up or develop their business.

The Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries reward young people who are ready to take a chance by putting forward their ideas and demonstrating creativity. The Bursaries give a leg up to students who have the initiative to go into business for themselves. In line with its commitment to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, Quebecor is pleased to give them financial assistance to help them realize their dreams. We wish them every success!

Pierre Dion President and CEO of Quebecor

Recipients of 2014 Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries

(video only available in French)


Philippe Beauchamp and Rami Jarjour of Université de Sherbrooke have been awarded the First Pierre-Péladeau Bursary, worth $50,000, to help them start up IngeniArts Technologies Inc. The company will design, develop and market batteries for the hybrid and electric transportation industry. The technology they have developed will enable them to offer a unique, highly reliable and compact product with high cycling capacity (a battery’s ability to repeatedly charge and discharge).


Pascal Nataf, David Duguay and Kim Berthiaume of Université de Montréal have been awarded the Second Pierre-Péladeau Bursary, worth $30,000, to help them develop Affordance Studio, a company that designs serious games and fun educational tools to support teaching and vocational training in Québec. Affordance innovates by using digital tools and new interactive technologies.


Caroline Mathieu and Mikaël Trottier of Université Laval have been awarded the Third Pierre-Péladeau Bursary, worth $20,000, to develop their Casamivi project. Casamivi’s mission is to improve the quality of life of children and parents by developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for purposes such as administering medication or taking a child’s temperature. All Casamivi products meet the high standards of quality that parents demand.


The members of the jury for the 2014 Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries were:

  • Pierre Laurin, Chairman, Atrium Innovations
  • Adam Lapointe, CEO, Soccrent
  • Claire Léger, Vice Chairperson, St-Hubert Group Inc.
  • Marc Leroux, President, Priorat Capital Inc.
  • Érik Péladeau, President and CEO, Groupe Lelys inc.


The Pierre Péladeau Bursaries were created to support business start-ups by Québec university students. Students enrolled at all Québec universities are eligible. Each year, bursaries are awarded to the best three projects submitted to an independent jury. Since their inception in 1999, the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries have distributed a total of $1.4 million to more than 52 young entrepreneurs.

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