2017 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries: Quebecor hands out $100,000 to support young entrepreneurs

For the 19th consecutive year, Quebecor has awarded the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries, worth a total of $100,000, to recognize young Québec entrepreneurs who demonstrate creativity, talent and boldness. The financial assistance helps university students in various fields turn a business project into reality and develop their company.  

Developing a strong entrepreneurial culture in Québec has always been an important commitment for Quebecor. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in diversifying Québec’s economy and creating future prosperity. By awarding the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries, we want to give credit to these dedicated young businesspeople for their excellent work and help them get their businesses off the ground.

Pierre Karl Péladeau Quebecor President and CEO

Recipients of the 2017 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries

(video only available in French)

Improving healthcare with laser 

Université Laval students Louis-Rafaël Robichaud and Simon Duval have been awarded the First Pierre Péladeau Bursary, worth $50,000, to help them start up Femtum, a company that is developing the first fibre-optic-based infrared lasers to replace the conventional and much more invasive scalpel. Femtum hopes the technology will be taken up by the medical sector. 

Promoting sustainable development in animal feed production   

Justine Richard-Giroux, also from Université Laval, picked up the Second Pierre Péladeau Bursary, worth $30,000, to support implementation of her firm Exuvie’s business plan. Exuvie offers the animal feed industry an innovative waste management solution using an environmentally friendly and economical treatment method.


Revolutionizing food packaging 

École Polytechnique de Montréal students Nury Ardila and Mounia Arkoun received the Third Pierre Péladeau Bursary, worth $20,000. Their company ChitoPack aims to extend the shelf life of foods such as meat and milk by using active packaging that interacts with the food to prevent microbe growth. 


Every year since 1999, Quebecor has awarded the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries, named in honour of Quebecor’s visionary founder, to encourage business startups by young people. Three standout projects are selected by a jury. Students at all Québec universities are eligible.

The members of the jury for the 2017 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries were: 

  • Pierre Laurin, Chairman of the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury, Corporate Director, former Director of HEC
  • Manon Brouillette, President and CEO, Videotron
  • Sylvie Lalande, Corporate Director
  • Adam Lapointe, CEO, Soccrent 
  • Claire Léger, Director, St-Hubert Group Inc. 
  • Marc Leroux, President, Priorat Capital Inc. 
  • Geneviève Marcon, President, GM Développement 
  • Érik Péladeau, President and CEO, Groupe Lelys 

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