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Louis Boudreault infuses words with colour at Espace musée Québecor


We are pleased to invite you to view Fragments d’écriture, Louis Boudreault’s fourth exhibition at Espace musée Québecor. Until April 15, 2019, plunge into the words of the Québec writers, poets and singers who have inspired Boudreault. 

Visitors to Fragments d’écriture will find quotes embroidered in multicoloured thread on huge white canvases. The texts are drawn from distinguished Québec artists such as Félix Leclerc, Gaston Miron, Gilles Vigneault and Émile Nelligan, as well as major writers and thinkers.

A stunning show in which the needle replaces the pen and words meld into images. 

Espace musée Québecor, the exhibition space on the ground floor of Quebecor’s head office, showcases the work of talented Québec artists. It is open to the public free of charge.


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