Quebecor celebrates 20th anniversary of Pierre Péladeau Bursaries

$1.9 million for student entrepreneurs since 1999


More than 260 guests from the business community gathered tonight to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries, one of the ways in which Quebecor supports the next generation of Québec entrepreneurs. The event was emceed by Isabelle Maréchal and Pierre Lavoie, both entrepreneurs. In attendance were Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Chairman of the Board of Quebecor, and Pierre Laurin, chairman of the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury. The four 2018 bursaries, with a total value of $200,000, were also awarded at the event.

The Pierre Péladeau Bursaries were named in honour of my father, Quebecor’s founder and a visionary builder with unshakeable determination who inspired generations of Québec entrepreneurs. For 20 years, we have proudly continued his work by supporting the next generation of Québec entrepreneurs through the Bursaries, among other things. By backing start-ups, we not only support young businesspeople but also make a concrete contribution to Québec’s economic growth

Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor


20 years of ideas, talent and daring

Since the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries were created in 1999, $1.9 million has been distributed to support more than 60 Québec-based start-ups in industries ranging from biotech and biomechanics to aeronautics, the environment and renewable energy. Some have already achieved an international reach. What they all have in common is that they were founded by Québec student entrepreneurs brimming with ideas, talent and daring.


More support for young entrepreneurs!

To mark the Bursaries’ 20th birthday, Quebecor doubled their total value from $100,000 to $200,000 and added a 4th bursary. The 20th anniversary enhancements to the program will be maintained in future years.


2018 Pierre Péladeau Bursary recipients: Focus on alternative energy and the environment

C-Sar Energy – $100,000 bursary

Dino Mehanovic and Jean-François Dufault from Université de Sherbrooke have developed a competitively priced solar reactor that reduces carbon emissions by synthetizing hydrogen, using the rays of the sun as an energy source.

ChrysaLabs – $50,000 bursary

Gabriel Mangeat and Benjamin De Leener of Polytechnique Montréal have created a system that lets farmers evaluate soil health and fertility themselves in real time, instead of using costly external analyses.

Tero – $35,000 bursary

Élizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté from Université Laval have developed a small kitchen appliance that facilitates management of organic household wastes by grinding and drying waste food, reducing its volume by 90% in less than 3 hours.

Glacies Technologies – $15 000 bursary

Maxim Bergeron from Université Laval and Mathieu Kirouac from Université de Sherbrooke have developed a technology for industrial-scale storage and utilization of snow and ice that significantly reduces refrigeration costs.

Quebecor thanks the members of the 2018 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury for their invaluable work.

  • Pierre Laurin, chairman of the jury
  • Manon Brouillette, President and Chief Executive Officer, Videotron
  • Sylvie Lalande, Vice-Chair of the Board and Lead Director of Quebecor
  • Adam Lapointe, CEO, Soccrent
  • Claire Léger, Director, St-Hubert Group Inc.
  • Marc Leroux, President, Priorat Capital Inc.
  • Érik Péladeau, President and CEO, Groupe Lelys
  • Jean B. Péladeau, Director, Digital Business Intelligence, Videotron

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