Quebecor’s objective: 100% electric!

Corporation announces plan to electrify vehicle fleet


Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor, along with Jean-François Pruneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Videotron, and France Lauzière, President and Chief Executive Officer of TVA Group and Chief Content Officer of Quebecor Content, today announced that Quebecor is launching an action plan to step up the electrification of its vehicle fleet in order to fight climate change. Quebecor has long been committed to environmental protection; it has now set one of the most ambitious targets of any company in Canada, given the size and diversity of its subsidiaries’ fleets.

Quebecor's transportation electrification plan will eventually extend to almost all of its 1,100 vehicles, which already include nearly 30 electric cars. The plan entails purchasing electric cars and converting light trucks from internal combustion to electric engines.

Business has an important role to play in tackling climate change. Quebecor has always been a pioneer in its fields of activity and in many social spheres. Today, we are proud to expand our commitment by participating in Québec's energy transition to a sustainable economy. This process will guarantee responsible management of Quebecor’s fleets: among other things, it will increase the useful life of our light trucks and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by switching to hydroelectricity, one of Québec's greatest collective natural assets

Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor


Action plan to ramp up the current

Quebecor's action plan will initially focus on accelerating the electrification of Videotron's 900-odd vehicles by purchasing new electric cars and converting gasoline-powered light trucks, using Québec technology developed by Ecotuned Automobile. Between now and 2024, more than $14 million will be needed to assure a transition of nearly 200 Videotron vehicles, purchase electric charging stations and upgrade infrastructure. Achieving the 100% electric goal will reduce Quebecor’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%, the equivalent of 85,000 one-way trips by plane from Montréal to Toronto for one person.

Once again, Videotron is demonstrating strong leadership by becoming the first telecommunications company in Canada to embark on the electrification of its vehicles in a concrete way, said Jean-François Pruneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Videotron. We are proud to make this commitment for our customers and to use our people’s expertise to help pave the way for other Québec businesses.

For its part, TVA plans to electrify nearly 60 mass-market vehicles, including those operated by TVA Nouvelles, within five years. It is also aiming to reduce the number of such vehicles by 10% while maintaining the quality of news coverage across Québec. This plan will require spending of more than $3.5 million.

Over the past several years, TVA has implemented a number of green measures and has taken concrete steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions; for example, the Rolling Green program is cutting the emissions produced by our soundstages, noted France Lauzière, President and Chief Executive Officer of TVA Group and Chief Content Officer of Quebecor Content. This shift towards transportation electrification fits perfectly with our commitment. As the media organization with the greatest impact in Québec, it is important for us to act as ambassadors and set targets to address the climate emergency that affects us all.

The ambitious target we have set with our electrification plan demonstrates our determination to remain at the cutting edge, Mr. Péladeau added. The other Quebecor subsidiaries that operate vehicle fleets will also be an integral part of this electrification plan in the subsequent phases.


Quebecor becomes a member of Propulsion Québec

At the same time, Quebecor announced that it is becoming a member of Propulsion Québec, Québec's smart and electric transportation cluster.

Propulsion Québec is proud to count Quebecor, a leading-edge company that has long had exemplary environmental practices, among its members, said Sarah Houde, CEO of Propulsion Québec. Today, Quebecor confirmed its status as a leader in sustainable development in Québec and Canada. Electrifying transportation at the fleet level has a concrete impact on our collective carbon footprint. Propulsion Québec welcomes this commitment and hopes it will inspire many other businesses here and elsewhere.


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