Eligibility criteria

  • All students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program at a Québec university are eligible.
  • Applicants must be aged 35 or under.
  • The majority of the participants in the project must be students and the project must be student-led.
  • The business must be located in Québec.
  • If the application is for an existing business, it must not have been in operation for more than one year prior to the bursary award date.
  • The business cannot be a non-profit.
  • The application must be written in French.

Submit your application

1. Students who wish to apply for a Pierre Péladeau Bursary must submit their application package to their university. Consult the list of university contacts.

2. Each university makes a selection among the applications it receives. Only the short-listed applications are forwarded to Quebecor.

3. The Pierre Péladeau Bursaries jury evaluates the applications selected by the universities and chooses the four recipients.

4. The recipients are announced at Quebecor’s Annual General Meeting each spring.

Application package

The application package should include a maximum 6-page summary of the business project.

  • Four pages on the business and its activities:
    • Each student’s brief résumé and full contact info;
    • Description of the company’s activities (products and/or services);
    • The company’s history and accomplishments to date, if applicable;
    • Marketing plan and timetable of next steps, if applicable;
    • Success factors and risks in the company’s line(s) of business.
  • Two pages of financial data:
    • Financial statements for three years;
    • Statement of sources and use of funds for three years.


IMPORTANT: Each student must attach proof of registration for the current session, bearing the university registrar’s seal.

Note: Applications that fail to meet these criteria will not be considered.

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