Le Journal de Montréal attracts even more readers on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday. Still the uncontested leader, 7 days a week!

Once again, Le Journal de Montréal has won the prestigious distinction of being the most widely read daily in Greater Montreal with increases in readership on weekdays as well as on Saturday and Sunday. That is the main finding of the 2013 NADbank survey, which measured the readership levels of the main daily newspapers in major metropolitan centres.


The 2013 NADbank survey has confirmed that Le Journal de Montréal is – thanks to its 1,157,100 readers – the leading daily in Montréal, 7 days a week,for the 28th year in a row! The results show that Le Journal de Montréal attracts 314,000 more readers than La Presse, a solid 37% lead.

Even more readers on weekdays

559 400 lecteurs choisissent Le Journal de Montréal en semaine, soit 39 700 lecteurs de plus que l’an dernier (+ 8 %). Pendant ce temps, La Presse voit son lectorat fondre de 18 900 lecteurs en semaine. Avec ces résultats, Le Journal de Montréal compte 137 900 lecteurs de plus que La Presse en semaine, un écart de 33 % qui en fait, une fois de plus, le quotidien le plus lu dans la grande région de Montréal.

Even more readers on Saturday and Sunday

On weekdays, 559,400 readers choose Le Journal de Montréal, which is 39,700 more readers than last year (+8%). Meanwhile, La Presse has seen its weekday readership drop by 18,900. According to these results, Le Journal de Montréal attracts 137,900 more readers than La Presse on weekdays, a 33% lead that shows, once again, that it is Greater Montreal’s most widely read daily newspaper.

Major gains in target segments

Le Journal de Montréal has made major gains in the 25-34 age bracket. On weekdays, Le Journal de Montréal attracts 101,100 readers in this target segment, which is 36,000 more readers than in 2012 – an impressive 55% surge! Le Journal de Montréal also attracts more readers aged 25 to 34 on Saturday (+24%) and Sunday (+27%). Meanwhile, La Presse has seen its readership in the 25-34 age bracket drop by a whopping 37% on weekdays and 52% on Saturday.


Le Journal de Montréal has also made major gains in the 35-49 age bracket on weekdays, with 13,200 more readers than in 2012 (+9%), for a total of 157,400 readers in this segment. The Sunday edition of Le Journal de Montréal now attracts 12% more readers in the 35-49 age bracket than it did last year.


Even more university graduates read Le Journal de Montréal, with increases of 2% on weekdays, 25% on Saturday, and 42% on Sunday. Meanwhile, La Presse has lost 17% of its readers in this segment on weekdays and 6% on Saturday.


As compared with the 2012 NADbank results, Le Journal de Montréal now attracts 13% more weekday readers, 36% more Saturday edition readers, and 52% more Sunday edition readers who have a household income of $100,000 or more. In this same segment, La Presse has seen its readership drop by 13% on weekdays and 8% on Saturday.


Le Journal de Montréal has also recorded increases in readership among the white collar, executive, and professional segment: up 20% on weekdays, 17% on Saturday, and 39% on Sunday. Conversely, La Presse’s readership in this segment has declined by 11% on weekdays and 6% on Saturday.


In addition,Le Journal de Montréal has achieved major gains in readership among homeowners: up 23% on weekdays, 27% on Saturday, and 26% on Sunday. Thanks to these solid results, Le Journal de Montréal attracts more readers who are homeowners than does La Presse.

Even more visitors online

Le Journal de Montréal’s web site now attracts nearly 1.2 million unique visitors per month – a 51% increase since last October. In the same period, the number of visitors at lapresse.ca dropped by 6%.*


Le Journal de Montréalunderwent a major overhaul in autumn 2013, unveiling a new look. Le Journal de Montréal took this opportunity to introduce a number of new features for its readers, including new columnists and bloggers reflecting a wide range of views, upgraded content, new bylines, a new daily supplement (“JM”), and a new daily section (“MONDE”) focusing on international news and events.

We’re extremely proud of these results, which show how very successful Le Journal de Montréal has been. These outstanding results are a fitting reward for a team that has worked hard to make Le Journal de Montréal even more appealing across all platforms while upholding the newspaper’s status as a leading resource in the world of news, sports, and entertainment.

Lyne Robitaille President and Publisher of Le Journal de Montréal

Le Journal de Montréal takes this opportunity to extend its warmest thanks to its many readers and advertisers, who have enabled it to consolidate its leadership position in Greater Montreal and remain the leading daily 7 days a week!


Source: 2013 NADbank, Montreal CMA, adults 18 +.

Source (*): comScore, Canada, March 2014 versus October 2013.

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