Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec and 24 Heures reach 4 million readers, 56 % of the Quebec population!

The results of the Vividata Fall 2018 survey once again reveal how extremely popular Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec and the free commuter daily 24 Heures are with readers. In fact, according to the data, in the province, these three Quebecor dailies reach a total of 3,997,000 readers – representing 56% of the Quebec population – each week through their different platforms.1 These excellent results establish Quebecor’s position as the leading media group in the province because of the reach of its newspapers.


Journal de Montréal has nearly 1 million readers more than its closest rival!

In addition to remaining Quebec’s number 1 daily with 2,910,000 readers each week on all its platforms combined, Journal de Montréal now has 946,000 readers more than La Presse.2 The print version of Journal de Montréal, which continues to be published seven days a week, reaches 2,249,000 readers each week.3


Journal de Québec has twice as many readers as Le Soleil!

Journal de Québec has a readership of 1,551,000 per week, all platforms combined, which is 818,000 more than Le Soleil! These solid results allow Journal de Québec to remain the number 1 daily in Quebec City, published seven days a week, both for the print and digital versions.


Even more readers for 24 Heures!

As for the free commuter daily, 24 Heures, it now reaches 1,017,000 readers in Greater Montreal, which is a 4% increase compared with the previous survey.4 These strong results allow 24 Heures to position itself as a go-to for advertisers who want to reach urban, active, educated and multicultural millennials.

We welcome the data from the most recent Vividata survey with great pride! Once again, the results show the power of our newspapers to help advertisers reach more than half the Quebec population through varied advertising platforms tailored to their needs. Thanks to our large team of experienced journalists and columnists from all walks of life, we offer our readers relevant and quality content, no matter what platform they choose

Lyne Robitaille, Senior Vice-President of Quebecor Newspapers, Magazines, Distribution and Printing

Please take note that the period covered in the Vividata Fall 2018 survey is from July 2017 to June 2018. Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec and 24 Heures would like to take this opportunity to thank all its readers and loyal advertisers for these excellent results.


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