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Louise Forestier and Denise Boucher awarded Quebecor Prize


More than 400 members of the arts and business communities gathered on June 4 to celebrate the careers of singer/actor Louise Forestier and writer Denise Boucher at the 7th annual Quebecor Tribute Evening. The event featured tribute videos and performances of their works by a string of artists. Denise Boucher accepted the Quebecor Prize and Louise Forestier the Quebecor Prize for Song, each accompanied by a $50,000 purse and a sculpture specially designed by Armand Vaillancourt.  

The Quebecor Prize recognizes the achievements of the great artists who have left their mark on Québec’s cultural and artistic landscape. Past recipients have included André Brassard, Renée Claude, Marcel Dubé, Patsy Galland, Andrée Lachapelle, Raymond Lévesque, Monique Leyrac, Janine Sutto, Armand Vaillancourt and Gilles Vigneault. 

Watch the highlights of the event.

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